Snapshot of the Owner... 



Meet Caroline Cook. 

  • Grew up in hotels around the world
  • Graduated from Clemson
  • Started off at Kiawah Island Resort for 4 years... and met her husband there. 
  • Worked at a local event design firm for two and a half years as an Event Designer
  • Had the honor of working at Charleston Place Hotel for almost 9 years as a Special Events Manager
  • Managed groups from sizes 10-1,000. 
  • Designed and produced over 500 events in the course of 12 years
  • Has 2 little girls, the loves of her life, and 1 crazy cat  

Favorite Events Ever Designed

  • A Clear Tent on the Citadel Parade Grounds. All blue and white themed. 
  • All White Leather tables on the Flight Deck of the Yorktown