CAROLINE COOK, Founder, Lead Planner & Designer

Caroline Cook grew up in hotels… literally. Her dad worked in the hotel industry and took his family all over the world; from St. Maarten and to Seoul, South Korea, and the Bahamas to England, Caroline was learning the hospitality world and loved every minute. Doing programs at a far off locales for days on end is no problem for her. And knowing how hotels operate kinda runs in her blood.

This world traveler got a BS in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management from Clemson University (Go Tigers!) and started her career at Kiawah Island Resort. She did everything from Front Desk, to property management to accounting, all of which was adding to her skills in customer service, budgeting, and scheduling. Oh and she met her husband there… but that’s another story.

After Kiawah Island Resort, she worked for a local Event Design Company to design Corporate Team Events, but fell into Event Design. She designed events all over Charleston and beyond. Her main client was the fabulous Charleston Place Hotel. They said, “well, you design beautiful events for us. Why don’t you work here?” She said yes… and designed and produced countless events all over Charleston for Corporate Groups for the next 9 years.

Along this journey, she had two adorable girls which kinda changed everything. Those little “angels” are worth spending time with, so she left a job that she loved to start a company that will support her passion, talents, and travel bug spirit. FYI- Birdie and Boe are the girls middle names and a reminder everyday of why she started this journey.

SHANNON MOORE, Sales & Program Manager

Shannon Moore grew up partially in Ohio and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, learning the finer things in life from her family. Coming from a strict father with the nickname “the Colonel”, she honed her organizational skills so much she should write a book.

She attended the College of Charleston where she gained a BS in Science and started her career off at Wild Dunes Resort working her way up to National Express Sales Manager. She received so much praise that she was wooed away to Charleston Place Hotel where she continued as a National Express Sales Manager for 9 years. Her hotel contract knowledge, customer service skills, and contract negotiation abilities are impressive and a huge asset to the team.

Her organizational skills and negotiation abilities come in very handy on a daily basis as she has elementary school aged twin boys and a loving successful husband… who she met at Charleston Place Hotel.

Michelle Jones, Creative & Project Manager

Michelle Jones is one of the most talented artists for our generation and it’s an honor that she’s a part of our team. Michelle was raised in New Jersey by Southern parents. She is fluid in “y’all” and “you guys”.

She has a BA in Psychology from Baylor University which comes in handy in this industry. Her background is in event design and production. She is a mixed media artist ranging from painting to art installations. Caroline is her biggest fan and Michelle has to watch her every time she comes over to her house as Caroline tends to sneak some of her work out the door in her purse.

Michelle is married to the love of her life, Doug, and is the mother of 5 children. Hence, her degree comes in handy. Her interests, when she has the time, are all mediums of visual arts, thrifting (which she’s amazing at), Sci-Fi, history, and good TV.

Earl Clark, Operations Manager

Earl Clark

Earl Clark is a true Charlestonian. He grew up here, went to school here, married and started a family here and has no plans of leaving! His passions are his Church, giving back and doing all he can for the community, and basketball. Earl has been married to his beautiful wife for 31 years and has two grown, handsome sons.

Earl honed is event logistics skills at Charleston Place Hotel. Setting up banquets not just in the ballrooms but offsite at plantations and historical homes, Earl knows all of the details on how to set up an amazing event in a timely, efficient manner.