24 karat gold wrapped cigars

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Check out this amazing new item, 24 karat gold wrapped cigars, called Black Ties from Cigar Row!  Your guests will feel golden when they smoke these special cigars. Or maybe they won't want to smoke them. Maybe they'll place one on their mantle to strike up a good conversation or two about where they came from. Can't wait to use them this weekend! 


Tailoring your Entertainment to Match your Theme

Fire artist for an outdoor pirate themed event. 

Fire artist for an outdoor pirate themed event. 

Adding unique entertainment to your events can help create a more memorable event and great conversation starters. The rustic Old City Jail played as the backdrop for a pirate themed event we designed and produced. The guests had to make their way to the venue by following a treasure map where "X" marked the spot! All of the food service staff and band members were dressed in pirate costumes. As the evening progressed, a fire artist "wowed" the guests with a stunning show! 

How will you entertain your guests at your next meeting? 

Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to Meetings Spaces ...


Why does a meeting have to take place in a banquet room within four walls? Recently, we worked with a corporate group that had a limited amount of time pack it all in.. talk about the meeting content and network, leaving no time to experience and see the host city. So we suggested, "why not have your meeting at a plantation overlooking the river?" WOW, was this a huge hit! Taking guests away from the traditional meeting setting and creating a new "room" not only changes the mood of the participants, but, as we observed, created more conversation topics and conversing among the guests. So, Where will your meeting take you?